Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Hole in The Fence

Life seems straight if everybody follows the rules.However life can be very boring too if everybody just follows the rules. Do we actually think about why there is a need for rules and regulations. Why is there a need for fences and walls and gates and trenches?
From time immemorial, these elements seem to be part and parcel of our life. Can we live without them? Do we really need them? Are fences built to keep others out or are they keeping us in? Who are the prisoners, those inside or those on the outside? Who is protected, people inside or people outside?
I suppose we have to look at in context. Fences around our houses and fences around correctional facilities serve different purposes. A fence in the zoo and the fence around cattle in a farm stand for different reasons.
Why is there a need for gates and walls? Must we always filter what goes in and out?
I would choose to think in a perfect world, there would be no need for fences to keep people out or the reverse. There would be no reasons to fear the 'outside' and there would be no reason for those on the outside to be suspicious of the 'inside'. Where do we stand as civilized humans when we do not respect one another's privacy and belongings. Everybody has a responsibility to each other that goes without saying.
Stop, and think, where are we now? Are we safer today than we were yesterday? Look around you, are there more fences, gates and walls?
Fences, walls, gates. trenches, barricades, obstacles don't only exist physically but they also exist within oneself, within communities, ideologies, beliefs, norms and even philosophies. Thus, the question again? Are we really free? Is there or will there ever be a perfect world? Freedom is just a word.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Start Today

Well, here goes; this is one of my new year resolutions. I would like to be kinder to people around me and not impose my thoughts and beliefs upon them. I must be more receptive to ideas no matter how stupid they sound. I MUST listen to others(God I'll try) and say thanks a million times. Just be thankful for everything. Gratitude is not expensive.Here's some scribbling I did some time ago.

Eight Thanks Table

Thank you for your kindness
when i was there
Thank you for caring
when i needed you there
Thank you for believing
even if you weren't there
Thank you for staying
when i wanted you there
Thank you for the listening
from deep within there
Thank you for trying
to help me see what lies beyond there
Thank you for not hurting
for i would have died there
Thank you most of all
for just being there

MNN. 5.36pm, 16.1.99.home

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Day

Been some time since I wrote. Must admit that there were a thousand times that I wanted to but I was just lazy. I was also afraid that my post would not sound intelligent or interesting to others. There was also a need to make my blog informative. Somehow, this morning dragged myself to the pc to just say what I want to say. Could not care less about what others think in this context.
The past two months were not a holiday to me as it were to others. I was rather 'dogged' down with work. Some would say that the right word is 'bogged', well i prefer 'dogged'. coz the connotation is rather suitable here.
To be 'bogged down' with work is to be totally busy with work and so tied up that you can't do anything else.
To be 'dogged down' really would mean everything above plus all the emotional. mental and physical baggage that comes with it. It is rather figurative in meaning.
Being a rather self appointed eccentric of sorts, explains the difference in meaning to a same 'experience'.
The past two months were quite eventful I must say. The kid finished his formal 11 years of school. He now shuttles between the guitar in his room and the pc in the opposite room. In between this busy schedule of driving every adult in the radius of 500 miles crazy, he is forced to attend driving lessons (that's another story) and intermediate screams (or pleas) to clean his room, get the trash, wash the car or anything that will get him of that guitar that plays at 10,000 decibels or so. Of course he also had his first rock concert experience, bus ride to KL, movie with friends and so on. The so called matured people never forgetting to remind him of his obligation to God and country along the way. He is growing faster than we can keep up. I wonder. why can't adults leave the kids alone? Is it our duty to be a nagging reminder and poster of guidance? YES IT IS! Dropping the 'nagging will be fine though.
Yours truly gave up one of his passion for two months to concentrate on work. The passion took him all around the country and even some neighbouring ones. Feels rather empty now. Actually considering quitting completely. Then there was work and work and work.
The missus was bored to death and probably wondered what a her sins were to be hooked to this crazy old man who even grew his hair long and refused to comb it over the holidays.
And suddenly we are all in the new year. Talk about time moving fast. I think it just whizzed past between my legs. Yes and time has no obligations to warn anybody.
Well it is time for resolutions and I have already broken two of them. That's another 53 to go. Well. I just hope and pray the world will be a better place. People will be human and the kid will be filthy rich and score 21 'A's.