Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The weekend was one to be especially cherished by the kid. What not when he came home to the gifts we promised him. We pledged them as a reward for being excellent in our eyes. He deserved it. I just needed an excuse to spoil him after all the nagging and fussing and bossing him around prior to his SPM exam.

The mother's gift

Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB memory, 500 GB hard drive,
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
Cool bag, sleeve and dust cover

The father's gift
GODIN, Art & Lutherie
Cutaway Cedar Black,
Godin EPM Quantum 1 electronics
Wild Cherry back & sides,
Solid Cedar top &
silver leaf Maple neck
With case, strap and stand

We had our gifts too and I was just thinking about the gifts we have from each other

A wife's gift

Toyota VIOS 1.5 G

A husband's gift
Being at home on a Sunday morning

Okay hold the tomatoes....
It really is a gift, I contributed by checking what was cooking and deciding on which channels to watch. Also checked if the laundry was dry and gave precise instructions on when to take them in. Fussed about the cat fur all over the place and reminded the kid to clip his finger-nails and get a hair cut. What would they do if I was not around.

It really has been a long time since we spent Sunday mornings together, especially since he went to college. Even though, UIA's Center for Foundation Studies is just a stone's throw away in Section 17, we miss him dearly. He doesn't come home so often now as activities occupy most weekends and as parents we have to give in when he says he wants to study. To think of the times I bugged him to slave on the books and now ironically I feel a bit disappointed when he says he's not coming home cause he has to study for the coming exam

So you see, the last weekend was actually special, I'm always 'out' and I remember him telling his teacher some time back that 'his father spends more time in the car than at home' (See how much the missus loves me, she made sure the car was comfortable)
It was special just because I got to stay home (bonus was I got to bug the mother and son at the same time) I have to thank Tn Hj Kamaruddin and FAS for letting me have the weekend off.

In life many people take the little things for granted, It is really a luxury if you can sleep and rest all day. Having a son to nag and a wife to bug is super. Having a family that loves you is fantastic. Having people around that simply appreciate you for being there is God Given.
In real fact you don't even need an excuse to show or tell people that you love them. Savour the moment. You may not get a second chance.