Saturday, October 18, 2008


It is going to be an exciting weekend but some how the excitement has been drowned by the water supply disruption. Water the source of life really strikes a chord in my body, mind and soul. I stop to think why just the thought of having no water sent me crazy and working up tantrums. Then, I suddenly remembered that I am a water sign...AQUARIUS.. wonder if it means anything at all. Having no water made me miserable and quite restless.
I also noticed that pushing me in a corner always drew out an ugly side in me but this time I was a little more calm except for the uneasiness of not having enough water to splash and be spoiled silly.
I remembered the story of "the man who complained about having no shoes until he saw a man with no legs"
Well. I guess it always pays to count your blessings rather than look at what you don't have.
It was disappointing to hear the crackers going off and totally heart breaking to still witness the careless dash across the busy road with no regard at all for their own safety. No amount off advice, warnings and threats have been successful.
Lessons learned, some groups of society never think and mostly never follow the thoughts and advice of others who bother to think. Thinking and caring is not in vogue. Throwing caution to the wind is the in thing today. Do others matter.. no definitely not!
So what works, an army or a policing force to drum the fear of hell into them? No not necessary, it would suffice if we could get them to come and go in and orderly fashion. Maintain security within our walls. Distressing don't you think? Well , that's reality.
Counting our blessings, there were hundreds of others who smiled and said a prayer for us. Many who decided that teachers and teaching makes sense. It was wise to follow the wisdom of "the have been there have done that". It was comforting that nobody killed each other within our jurisdiction. No wars challenging and questioning the rights due to one's colour of skin. They came and they left. We are richer and know what to prepare for the next time the tide rises or the rain falls.