Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The weekend was one to be especially cherished by the kid. What not when he came home to the gifts we promised him. We pledged them as a reward for being excellent in our eyes. He deserved it. I just needed an excuse to spoil him after all the nagging and fussing and bossing him around prior to his SPM exam.

The mother's gift

Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB memory, 500 GB hard drive,
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
Cool bag, sleeve and dust cover

The father's gift
GODIN, Art & Lutherie
Cutaway Cedar Black,
Godin EPM Quantum 1 electronics
Wild Cherry back & sides,
Solid Cedar top &
silver leaf Maple neck
With case, strap and stand

We had our gifts too and I was just thinking about the gifts we have from each other

A wife's gift

Toyota VIOS 1.5 G

A husband's gift
Being at home on a Sunday morning

Okay hold the tomatoes....
It really is a gift, I contributed by checking what was cooking and deciding on which channels to watch. Also checked if the laundry was dry and gave precise instructions on when to take them in. Fussed about the cat fur all over the place and reminded the kid to clip his finger-nails and get a hair cut. What would they do if I was not around.

It really has been a long time since we spent Sunday mornings together, especially since he went to college. Even though, UIA's Center for Foundation Studies is just a stone's throw away in Section 17, we miss him dearly. He doesn't come home so often now as activities occupy most weekends and as parents we have to give in when he says he wants to study. To think of the times I bugged him to slave on the books and now ironically I feel a bit disappointed when he says he's not coming home cause he has to study for the coming exam

So you see, the last weekend was actually special, I'm always 'out' and I remember him telling his teacher some time back that 'his father spends more time in the car than at home' (See how much the missus loves me, she made sure the car was comfortable)
It was special just because I got to stay home (bonus was I got to bug the mother and son at the same time) I have to thank Tn Hj Kamaruddin and FAS for letting me have the weekend off.

In life many people take the little things for granted, It is really a luxury if you can sleep and rest all day. Having a son to nag and a wife to bug is super. Having a family that loves you is fantastic. Having people around that simply appreciate you for being there is God Given.
In real fact you don't even need an excuse to show or tell people that you love them. Savour the moment. You may not get a second chance.


KimzCandela said...

firstly,i am attracted with all your essay have you been posted..i am proud with your sentences..as we all know,english is very important in our daily life..moreover,beginning next year..our governments is compulsory english subject must be pass for each student...could you give some tips to improve my english?
please reply me..;)

emma demaira said...

naim dear..sometimes loneliness gives us the chance to think back about our life.Loneliness also makes us realize how important our relationship to each other especially when we have only one little darling.Just want to let you know that I miss my daughter a lot. i juz want to let you have dis poem..

Hold..we must hold
onto things not by our fingertips
but with a grip
For life is precious
do not let it slip ....hold
We must hold all its joy
before we take flight
into the dark good night.

norshafiza said...

OMG! You're funny! Honestly, I lurve reading your words. It has almost everything in it , the manis, masin, masam, pahit .. basically, semua ingredient cukup-lah. And, the truth is, you're actually a serious national referee and a very strict discipline teacher! Keep on writing and do share a nice article with your colleagues and students in the upcoming school mag, will ya?. ;)

Anyway, do you want to adopt a daughter? However, she's quite old already (OMG.. that DELL is sooo tempting!) Huhuhu

teachuhman said...


Thaks for dropping by, Where are you studying? I just might know someone who might be able to help you. My advice is the same that I give to my students:

N Nriema,
didn't know you were a poet, have you ever thought about being "alone" in a crowd? Think madam... we miss the kid at home for sure but that gives us more time with our other half. Can you keep up?

So you think I'm a clown, a serious one too. Don't let me tell you what I think of you...
Daughter...nice thought, always wanted one... but now....no..no not interested in "adopting" any wives too. One is enough..phew.. too much baggage. And yes ,keep your hands of the DELL..

KimzCandela said...

sir, thank you for you advice..
you're really inspired me...
i think "reading" should be the main thing to improve my english..
by the way,thanks a lot;)
i will try my best..

norshafiza said...

kak emma demaira dear..
may i have your permission to publish this poem in our school mag? We have shortage of karya guru.

Cg Naim,
Oh my!! What do you mean by "Don't let me tell you what I think of you...". Am I that bad?? Haha. Fyi, I only want to hear the good stuffs for the time being. So, keep those for yourself-lah.

teachuhman said...


there you go getting on the defensive, so you only want the good stuff..... well let's just say, in your case,, the 'good' does tip the balance.
Keep up the good work.
... No you still can't touch my (son's) DELL and I have decided to create a no woman zone around the guitar until he is 28...at least

emma demaira said...

naim..i think adib's guitar is the same like my daughter's one. exactly..the only thing is his lappy is very bright..mak ooii..kaler dia mengancam u. Don't worry now i am okey. Baru balik ambil her from usj . Really lah naim me and my hubby have a jolly gud time together. We even cherish all the good moments. Pas ni anak i boleh balik 2 minggu sekali..he..he

rizal hashim said...

Dear ref, yes spending time with the family is a luxury these days, look at you with your feet up, ahh...what a nice way to spend the weekend..

tell your boy he's lucky to have a serious ref/teacher as a father...generous to boot, hahah

and must you thank Haji Kamaruddin?

cikgu yassir said...

father to son ----> guitar
mother to son ----> laptop
wife to husband ---> vios
husband to wife ---> at home sunday morning..

best gift ... ( husband to wife)


norshafiza said...

"No woman zone around his guitar until he's 28" , huh? Don't lay down the rules, sir. For rules are made to be broken... ;). I would definitely break the rules if I were your son. Haha

Btw, I'm not being defensive la. I know I have a lot of weakness, especially since I'm new in this profession, in this school. I'm just too exhausted nowadays, so I don't know if i could withstand negative remarks for the time being. I'll let you know when i'm ready to hear your criticism. No, not now.

Fadhilah said...

bestnya hadiah2 tu..Eh, takpe kan,komen dlm bm?? Sir, take out la ur picture with the short.. Aurat la.. Nk prepare in advance tu yg malas...

pakmat said...

..salam singgah, cikgu..selamat hari raya...

..there is no end to a husband's gift..just being around is a gift..