Thursday, March 5, 2009


Saudara-Saudari ku keluarga Pengadil Malaysia

Sila hayati Pantun ini sekali lagi.

Langkah masuk rimau di dada
Silap langkah rimau dibedil
Berani, tegas, cergas, adil
, waspada
Kalimah Keramat Kami Pengadil

Please, come together,

What is our mission?
What are our goals?
What are our dreams?
What are our priorities?

Where is the brotherhood?
Where are the promises?
Where is your pride?
Where are our ideals?
Where are our principles?

Who is your team?
Who are the opponents?
Who are you angry with?
Who are the supporters?
Who are you supporting?
Who are those laughing?
Who are they laughing at?
Who is the winner?
Who are the losers?

Why is this happening?
Why are we divided?
Why are we confused?
Why are we fighting?

When will we learn?
When will we see?
When will we change?
When will we grow?

Brother refs,
I am no longer active, and many more will not be around soon.I'll still be here to help in anyway I can. i too have a dream for our referees and am trying to achieve it in my own way. What's happening today is no help at all.
Let's put all these aside and see what the real message is. What has been foreseen long ago by our seniors and our greats is taking place now. Do not let it happen. Do not let it get worse. "Everything is in your hands!

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Anonymous said...

Helo my good friend you done a good job for the benefic of the ref. Pls keep it up on dont care what is people saying behind about the bad of ref. if it is good we take it if wrong throw it aside.