Friday, October 11, 2019


Kai Wee & I at 16

Those are line's from Bob Marley's song "WAR". I used to sing it a lot in my younger days. I sort of grew up on his music. My friends and I lived this policy of equality among all men. We never saw each other as different races or religions. We acknowledged the fact that we come from different ethnic backgrounds and practiced our own religions. That didn't stop us from being friends and being together. We grew up learning from each other.

That is why we welcome the announcement by the DPM that the cabinet is studying the proposal to drop "race" from official forms. Read here.

This has long been a thorn in my flesh. I always insisted on saying I'm a Malaysian when the word "bangsa" comes up but alas only to be told that I'm not. I brought my son up saying all the while that he should always say he is a Malaysian but unfortunately the schooling system does not allow one to say that you are so, at least in the "bangsa " column. Thus the debate goes on to ascertain his ethnicity. Why must he be subjected to such a stigma. Aren't we really Malaysians?
So we are forced to identify ourselves by our ethnic backgrounds. Why does it matter anyway? Other than for purely cultural or religious purposes, I do not see any reason for us to do so. As long as we continue to identify ourselves by our ethnic backgrounds, the dream of creating a truly bangsa Malaysia will never be attained.

We should just be who we are as a people of a nation and just enjoy the diversity it provides without any reservations or prejudices. Let each and everyone be his own and stand up for what he is and not be labeled or curtailed by the chains of his forefathers ethnicity.
Kai Wee & I at 54

I thank Chong Kai Wee who taught me to play football, take the bus, play the guitar, drive a car, do the "disco" and speak Cantonese. I thank Sharuddin for teaching me the "funk" and Kamarulzaman for talking to me about Islam, Giam was the school Olympian, Kamal was the one who told me that Muslim boys go away during the holidays to get part of their "peckers" chopped off (HORRORS!!!). Wong Sifu the body builder,Rahim and I were the regular class commentators during the 1975 Hockey World Cup. Ahmad Bidin Mr Nice, Uztazah's son Najib, Lian Kee the classical guitarist (he was the only one allowed to have long fingernails) Hanging out with Sugu and the Gang made me feel cool. Amarjeet and his brother's invited me to their father's "jaga" to help out one night. Can't tell you what the girls taught me cause that will drive my wife crazy (very jealous lah, she thinks her husband like sharukh khan), but I can say that people like Eunice, Mythili, Joy, Jenny, Lennie, Habibah, Sarala, Siang Khin, Siew Fong, Adele, Janet, Yati, and all the girls I knew before help shape the sensitive side of me.
My classmates dressed for my son's wedding

My teachers, the list too long.. Pn Arulrajah, my primary school HM, Miss Ruby Oon, Mr Steven Soo, Mr Param, Mr Peter Lee, Pn Susan Loo, Mr Surjit Singh, En Latiff, Pn Sapngaton, Pn Noriah, Mrs Paul, Mr Wong Yew Ker (he demoted me from std Four to Std one for folding my art paper- only one day lah), Mrs Fenandez, Mr Loo, Mr Kandiah, Mr Goh, Mr Cho, Mr A.A Anthonysamy, Mrs Chan and all the others who never saw us as different but just as pupils of ACS and KGV , I salute you. I try and will continue to instill these values among my pupils. I feel sorry for the kids today who do not seem to enjoy the wealth of diversity that I did.

I purposely sent my son to a school far away from home when the school I was teaching in was only 2 km away. I wanted him to mingle and get to know the people from other backgrounds and not see the world from his side only.

today: 10 October 2019
I wrote the above many years ago..but somehow never published it... today Junior is married and has a two month old baby girl.. Wifey told me the doctor at the hospital asked DIL why the baby has "Nair" as her surname..."You India kah..habis you mau pakai nama ini kah?" ... why does it matter to her..just do you job and check the baby as the government is paying you to.. If you want to know more..sure it must be about the baby and mother's health...what has the baby's racial history or name got to do with this.
Coming from a doctor, a supposedly well educated we would naturally assume all doctors to be of a higher level of education and belong to a better crop of thinking minds...her reaction was totally disappointing not to mention disgusting too.
If i was there..surely i would have spray her with verbal venom enough to last her 7 generations.

Actually..come to think it..we can't blame the Doctor when our public universities..our pride ..our so called institutions of higher learning..are indulging in racially based activities. 4 universities, nothing less than some of the top universities in our even specialises in producing teachers..organised and conducted an event that apparently wanted to champion the dignity of the Malays.. What "dignity" is being eroded may i ask..and how? If anything, your decision to hold such an event actually only served to paint a bad picture of the Malays.. Seemingly, you want to champion their welfare..but in actual fact..what sensible people heard ( Malays and non-Malays) was a baby stomping and crying and demanding "entitlement". Come on lah..i can accept if it came from some politicians...but not from our Public universities. Where are your priorities?

An academic...actually stood up and said " Malaysia is For Malays"... Oh my God... was he high on something or what. He can't be stupid cause he is supposed to be an academic. How did he arrive at this conclusion.. And then..there is the waving of the sacred word.."social contract". and next he stoops really low by quoting the Quran,  to rationalise threats he made towards the non-Malays. Apparently the non-Malays are "manipulating the Malays, undermining the Malay dignity (whatever that is) , mocking the religion (Islam) and the Malay rulers. Probably he forgot that the Rulers are not only for the Malays but the Rulers are of all Malaysians regardless of their race.

The more i think about it..the more i worry about the future we leave behind for our children, and grandchildren. But then..if you care to look behind all the will notice that it is nothing more than low grade politics.. The people of Malaysia are not like what these people talk about. Malaysian do not hate each other..We live in peace..trying to understand and accept our neighbours to our best. It is the leaders, politicians or religious leaders, who are forever painting this picture of fear and insecurity. Thus the gullible among the citizenry will be carried away with their endless rantings. This also a good way of diverting attention and avoiding real work that has to be done. No  one wants to really admit their's always easier to point towards others. Easier to frighten the children into obedience..just use the other races as your bogeyman.

Tell me who are the Malaysians, Malays, Indians, Chinese, mixed Foreigners?
Who Malaysian who Foreigner here..Who Indian?Malay?Chinese?

If you go to restaurants and sports venues, it is not uncommon to see the many Malaysians of various ethnic backgrounds mingling together. It is not difficult to find children of mixed marriages. Heck my son is one of course...and my granddaughter definitely. But does it all matter... can't we just be Malaysians, living peacefully with one another. Happily, working hand in hand for the betterment of our country and community. hey what the heck..just live for yourself even, without bothering or hurting anybody elses' race or religion. Is that so difficult to do. We are okay on the ground, we are okay with our neighbours who are of different religions and ethnicity. Stop telling us that we are killing each other when we are actually dining together. Please STOP spreading the hate.

Let's stand together and tell these selfish leaders that we don't care for their racial rhetoric. Stop pitting the citizens against each other. Please do what you are supposed to do. We put you there for a better Malaysia not for a divided Malaysia that only serves your personal needs, greed and egos. Work to improve the quality of our lives..not destroy it in order to protect yourselves. Stop shouting hate and screaming justice. We are okay together. "Bersatu kita Maju, Bercerai Kita Roboh".

Friday, November 26, 2010

nineteen to twenty

As I recall, this was about the first time you stood up, and after that there was no holding you back, you started walking and running faster than other toddlers your 7 months. Well son, you've certainly come a long way since then.
I would be happier if you were a little taller but you took your mother's side when it came to genes in that area..but I would have also liked it if you also took to your mother by being as hardworking but as the creator would have it, some of my traits show up here.
My nose would be fine on you too however your mother's stubbornness should be put to good use....from a different angle it would be resilience, persistence, 'never say die' kind of attitude thingy, and that's how you picked up skills and polished when you climbed into your crib, crawled up the stairs, rode a bike, handled the keyboards, plucked the guitar, drove the car and well..well how I wish you extend the same passion and enthusiasm to academics. matter how you turn're still our matter what you do...we will still love you..When you fall..we will be there to pick you up...I will always stand beside you..(ready to kick your ass) matter what we say..we still think about you everyday...Happy Birthday Adeep.

As you live out your last year as a teenager, growing towards adulthood...
you should also seek to grow a little wiser
never forget what your mother tells you, though she may sound like a broken record (or CD I suppose) singing out of tune.(she always does)
Always remember what I tell you, even if I may sound stupid and boring now..
Never put aside what your teachers have thought you
And never ever distance yourself from your obligations to Allah Almighty

"Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deva"......somebody said in Sanskrit.

And Kipling's poem seems so appropriate now and I believe it's every father's wish to have a son grow up to be healthy, honest, successful, respected and most of all a become a great man.

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too,
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream–and not make dreams your master,
If you can think–and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings–nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And–which is more–you’ll be a Man, my son!

–Rudyard Kipling

stay strong, strive hard to be among the best..climb high as the view from the top is always better than somewhere in the middle.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The weekend was one to be especially cherished by the kid. What not when he came home to the gifts we promised him. We pledged them as a reward for being excellent in our eyes. He deserved it. I just needed an excuse to spoil him after all the nagging and fussing and bossing him around prior to his SPM exam.

The mother's gift

Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB memory, 500 GB hard drive,
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
Cool bag, sleeve and dust cover

The father's gift
GODIN, Art & Lutherie
Cutaway Cedar Black,
Godin EPM Quantum 1 electronics
Wild Cherry back & sides,
Solid Cedar top &
silver leaf Maple neck
With case, strap and stand

We had our gifts too and I was just thinking about the gifts we have from each other

A wife's gift

Toyota VIOS 1.5 G

A husband's gift
Being at home on a Sunday morning

Okay hold the tomatoes....
It really is a gift, I contributed by checking what was cooking and deciding on which channels to watch. Also checked if the laundry was dry and gave precise instructions on when to take them in. Fussed about the cat fur all over the place and reminded the kid to clip his finger-nails and get a hair cut. What would they do if I was not around.

It really has been a long time since we spent Sunday mornings together, especially since he went to college. Even though, UIA's Center for Foundation Studies is just a stone's throw away in Section 17, we miss him dearly. He doesn't come home so often now as activities occupy most weekends and as parents we have to give in when he says he wants to study. To think of the times I bugged him to slave on the books and now ironically I feel a bit disappointed when he says he's not coming home cause he has to study for the coming exam

So you see, the last weekend was actually special, I'm always 'out' and I remember him telling his teacher some time back that 'his father spends more time in the car than at home' (See how much the missus loves me, she made sure the car was comfortable)
It was special just because I got to stay home (bonus was I got to bug the mother and son at the same time) I have to thank Tn Hj Kamaruddin and FAS for letting me have the weekend off.

In life many people take the little things for granted, It is really a luxury if you can sleep and rest all day. Having a son to nag and a wife to bug is super. Having a family that loves you is fantastic. Having people around that simply appreciate you for being there is God Given.
In real fact you don't even need an excuse to show or tell people that you love them. Savour the moment. You may not get a second chance.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Suresh and Muazi with the course instructors

Suresh, extreme right

My boys Muazi and Suresh are right on track and what I started a few years ago seems to be bearing fruit. they have again been selected to participate in the AFC Project Future Referees Development Program. It will be held in Kuala Lumpur this time around and they have been regulars since 2007.

is the youngest participant and makes me proud that they are the only two referees selected from Malaysia for this batch. Both are former students of SMK Telok Panglima Garang Muazi being a year senior to Suresh is already a National referee and God willing Suresh will follow suit later this year. They started off as footballers in my school team and I pointed them towards refereeing and they never looked back.

They are my proteges and I hope they will go a long way and achieve more than I did as an active referee. They have age and fitness on their side and a burning desire to succeed. Armed with the 3 'D's that I have drilled into them, "Discipline", "Determination" and "Dedication", I pray that the good lord will help pave the way for them . These three words were once spoken to me by one of my mentors , Mr Koh Guan Kiat, the Selangor FA Referee Board Chairman.

Suresh has just found work as an accounts assistant while Muazi has only recently been accepted into FAMA as a marketing assistant and I just received news moments ago that he has been posted to Port Klang. Thank God Almighty as if he was posted somewhere far away, it would be difficult to monitor his progress. I was a bit worried about their careers as this could be a hindrance or a stumbling block to their progress. Now that this is out of the way, I guess it's full steam ahead.

Another one of my students from Suresh's batch, Firdaus joined the army and is now serving in Johor Baru. I enlisted the help of Zul Jantan and Mr Sinnaya , friends and experienced referees, to help develop him. Mr VKS Sinnaya is one of the refereeing legends in Malaysia and I watched and learned from him from the stands as a young referee in Selangor. He is presently the Referee Development Officer attached to Johor FA. Another refereeing great is also in Johor, Mr Steven Ovinis, former FIFA referee and FAM Referee Board member. I guess Firdaus will never be short of advice if he needs them. He is in safe hands.

I also worry about their involvement with the fairer sex as undoubtedly this will surely influence their life as referees. Not only the referee has to sacrifice but everybody around him, friends, family, extended families, colleagues and the like. Your life partner or intended one too has to truly understand and share your dream of reaching the pinnacle. We can't have unwanted emotional baggage to drag around.

I hope I can groom more to follow their footsteps. My small share of helping to develop Malaysian football. I started with Muazi, my first "baby", and a few more after him of which Suresh stood out. They are proof that everybody has a chance and with the right coaching and guidance, the sky is the limit.

Muazi and Suresh, everybody in SMK Telok Panglima Garang is proud of you. Always remember, wherever you go, you carry the flag of our nation and the name of your teacher. The ball is now in your court, the world is at your feet.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well it has begun.
The big man is driving now. it started yesterday on the way to Tg Karang. Both mother and son were sleeping . I thought to myself as I was yawning and struggling to stay awake, "Hey old man! Your son has a license to drive! Why are you driving?"
So.... I woke the sleeping kid. "Get up, Get up ! Drive!...

I tell you, I didn't blink a moment after handing over the wheel to him. All the way, I kept reminding myself to motivate and not to scream. Stay calm.. Cool...Praise him..
The missus must have been jealous as she didn't get the same treatment. it was always,:
"Change gear lah, apa lagi. tengah sangat lah, release clutch cepat lah, habis lah clutch aku." And she never drove again with me in the car......You see.. I learned a good lesson there.

Then the dreaded request to take the ladies shopping/marketing/visiting happened in the morning just as I was lazing down on the cushion with the Sunday papers.
My reply : Adeep can drive you there.
Wifey : Boleh ke?
My reply : Aik da ada lesen, apa takut. Ikut traffic light, cross roads only at major junctions.
Ok tu
Next, was a quick rush to the shop to get the "P" sticker. And I had the whole afternoon to myself, no ladies, no children, no cats, no visitors, no students, no complaining teachers,no sms, no television, just me and myself.........phew pure pleasure , peace.... (sorry Rizal, got here first)

Oh no....just remembered he still has to make that journey to and fro safely. And the missus is the driving instructor, adviser/supervisor/guidance councilor/ and a bunch of aunties in the back seat.
He might change the radio settings, the driver seat settings, change the angle of the rear and side view mirrors, and there might even be ladies' stuff all over the car. And there will be a permanent "P" sticker on the cars for two years least!
Oh my God, have I released a monster on the road?
Oh God, safe my family from the monsters on the road!

It gets worse...he already has control of my guitars , keyboard, PC, TV remote, my bike, my mind, my heart and even my mother and siblings. He has taken control of all things and people precious in my life. And worst still, they might think that they have no use for me all. I may cease to be important!

Suddenly all this being alone doesn't seem so exciting after all.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Saudara-Saudari ku keluarga Pengadil Malaysia

Sila hayati Pantun ini sekali lagi.

Langkah masuk rimau di dada
Silap langkah rimau dibedil
Berani, tegas, cergas, adil
, waspada
Kalimah Keramat Kami Pengadil

Please, come together,

What is our mission?
What are our goals?
What are our dreams?
What are our priorities?

Where is the brotherhood?
Where are the promises?
Where is your pride?
Where are our ideals?
Where are our principles?

Who is your team?
Who are the opponents?
Who are you angry with?
Who are the supporters?
Who are you supporting?
Who are those laughing?
Who are they laughing at?
Who is the winner?
Who are the losers?

Why is this happening?
Why are we divided?
Why are we confused?
Why are we fighting?

When will we learn?
When will we see?
When will we change?
When will we grow?

Brother refs,
I am no longer active, and many more will not be around soon.I'll still be here to help in anyway I can. i too have a dream for our referees and am trying to achieve it in my own way. What's happening today is no help at all.
Let's put all these aside and see what the real message is. What has been foreseen long ago by our seniors and our greats is taking place now. Do not let it happen. Do not let it get worse. "Everything is in your hands!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Dying Giant

It's that time of the year again when all schools are busy with the district sports calendar. This week in Kuala Langat, athletics take center stage. What caught my eye was the deplorable condition of the Jugra stadium. The stadium was built in 1984 and as in many cases, Malaysian apathy reared its ugly head again. We have some good facilities but 'poor' maintenance culture and indifferent attitudes have seen these facilities gone to waste.
Every year the stadium is brought to life by the MSSD calendar as it is probably the only major athletic event held there other than the many neighbouring school sports .
The facilities and apparatus are refurbished and upgraded to a workable standard by teachers whose schools have been appointed as the technical committee. If not for the MSSD calendar, the stadium remains a sleeping giant awaiting a cruel death.
I wonder who is really in charge of the upkeep of the stadium. Is it the Town Council (MDKL), Public Works Department(JKR) , or the district office? What is the local sports council doing? What about all the hype on Rakan Muda and all the rhetoric about improving facilities and uplifting the standard of sports. Where are the politicians who are so loud? It was the same with previous state government and things haven't changed under the present one. Lots of lip service but where is the action?
Local sports personalities like Mr Jacob Mathews, have been working tirelessly to get the relevant authorities to do something but seems like all our efforts are in vain. Now we just sit and reminiscence about past glories and hope someone or something will change the fortunes of this sleeping giant. Please don't let it die. We the children of Kuala Langat need it .

Teachers from SK Kebun Baharu, lining the track.
The Senior Assistant in charge of Co-curricular activities (GPK K0-Ko) Pn Siti Hajar Mohd Ali, personally supervising the teachers.

Line by line until they ran out of paint and the PPD ran out of resources. Mr Jacob Mathews came to their rescue. he contacted the Council secretary who then provided another 10 cans.

The best they could do

Antique equipment
Modified equipment(notice the nails in place of bolts)
Faulty equipment
This is not our idea of how to get a tan

The landing pit.

Turtle sanctuary

Take off board

Water jump

The discuss cage.
Notice the wire fence that has seen its' day.
The Javelin Runway
The High Jump Apparatus and Landing area
(Borrowed from Schools)

The neglected floodlight service gondola

The rusty goal

The sandy and eroded track

This is where the obstacle race starts, complete with potholes.

Not really a walk in the beach for these athletes.
Blisters and peeling skin is in fashion?
The track is not only the arena to measure speed and endurance but also to test hardiness and resilience to torture.
It would be probably more suitable for drift racing.
Would you let your children run here? Be prepared to face common injuries like Achilles heel, stress fractures, cuts and bruises, knee, ankle and spine injuries. There is no saying what else may happen if they fall on this unforgiving 'tarmac'. The surface is hard and rough, and under the afternoon sun, you could probably fry eggs here.

Clogged drains.Somebody started a mosquito breeding farm here.

Broken concrete surfaces and drains .

Collapsed fences and more clogged drains

The store

The rundown ticket booth and uncollected rubbish from an earlier function.
The shower and sink in the dressing room.
Behind the terraces
The Competitors Stewards Tent
And they still came in droves.
The competitors and their supporters
some even armed with their own tents to shade them from the scorching heat
The Task Squad of SK Kebun Baru (Technical Committee).
The Referees for Track & field events
Arunaslam and Gunaseelan
and Chief judge for jumping events
Zulkifli Moon

Mr Ravichandran Topekan
Chief Umpire
Bridge of Communication
Mr Jacob Mathews
The living encyclopedia of athletics in Kuala Langat
Retired Teacher, coach, sports administrator, social worker,
church goer,
friend.Yours truly
Learning the ropes from Mr Jacob

All the other districts in Selangor have stadiums with synthetic tracks Even though Stadium Jugra is one of the earliest built, it has somehow been left behind. As a result, residents of this small district, stuck between Klang and Sepang, have been deprived of modern sporting facilities. This of course in a way curtails the performance and development of sports in Kuala Langat. You don't need a PHD to figure that out. I am disappointed and and frustrated. Forgive my outburst but I just have to shout out. I have lost faith in the people put in charge of these things. When others are moving forward, in leaps and bounds, we are not only left behind but appear to be falling behind in every way. To add pain to insult, our leaders seem to be preoccupied with competitions off the field rather than in the arena. As citizens of this country, we deserve more. Stop fleecing us like this.